UCEF's Case for Action

The Problem :
Children Lacking Adequate Character Development

Our society is underachieving effective character development for our youth and society. While many dedicated and well-intentioned workers in various forums (churches, mainstream schools, community organizations) do their best, the status quo is resulting in increasing economic and societal decline for many. These are reflected in low standards of living, lives of crime, truancy and high drop out rates pervasive now in multiple generations. Much of what is done seems ineffective to reverse these trends. Why?

The Problem's Heart :
No Moral Compass

Our American society suffers from a deficit that runs to the heart of its system. The established institutions in many cases do not deliver a moral or value system that can provide endemic character building in the populus. Many have no anchor upon which to attach a value system in any genuine fashion. Consequently, children who grow into adults often suffer from an undeveloped moral system to guide their lives, their decisions and their character as fruit-bearing citizens. The result has left an endemic societal ignorance of morals, values and character, severely eroding the potential for even institutions of church, family and others to remedy. In much of education teachers are limited by law from drawing upon religious systems of thought to impart a value system that would effectively change behavior and motivate for the better.