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Huey Jackson, 8th Grade, St. Paul Lutheran School Alumnus, first in 2009 Illinois State Lutheran Conference 200 meter

The Urban Christian Education Fund (UCEF) effectively shapes the community, youth, culture and society of the Rockford area and beyond, by providing tuition support to students at a long-time, proven, well-positioned and fully accredited Christian community school.

UCEF’s Founding Principles

The Fund (UCEF) accomplishes these objectives by:

  • Realizing the potential for institutions like this school to compete with mainstay secular, public institutions without receiving public (governmental) funds
  • Providing opportunity to those who have insufficient means to receive a tuition-based education
  • Providing a vehicle to educate our youth in more effective values formation when no other similar means is as well- positioned for this and many other communities
  • Recognizing this model for fundamental change for our future generations, not only for the community this school serves, but potentially many others
  • Recognizing that societal shift from purely secular or governmentally limited system is overdue and urgently needed if there is to be improvement in the general citizenship of a community, society, culture, nation and world at large.


  • 100% of donations to UCEF are dedicated to the endowment capital. Funds for promotion and administration are otherwise obtained.
  • Donated funds are held and invested through the Renaissance Charitable Foundation. For more information, see www.rcgf.org
  • As a "Supporting Organization" under IRC 509(a)(3), all donations to UCEF are fully tax deductible.
  • UCEF is a member of the Northern Illinois Center for Non-Profit Excellence, providing quality resources to ensure organizational competence. For more, see www.rockford.edu

You Can Have an Impact for the Future

Call 815-963-5435 for more information on your role in the Urban Christian Education Fund. Or use the form below to donate now to this very worthy cause. Thank you for your generosity and your willingness to help.

Personal information provided is for the purpose of sending adequate acknowledgment of gifts. UCEF does not pass donor information to third parties."
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