The Obstacle to Action

The Obstacle :
The Affordability of Tuition

The Fund recognizes that the number one and perhaps only barrier to the locally challenged and underprivileged student is the inability, or lack systematically of family will, to muster the cost of tuition. The recent history of St. Paul Lutheran School has demonstrated its ability to attract these local students once the problem of tuition is solved. A related non-profit group, St. Paul Urban Ministry supplying housing assistance, has in this time met the tuition needs of at least 5 students approached in the immediate blocks of the school. These families have jumped at a chance of this "different way" for the education of their children. These families have overwhelmingly approved of the product they have received and willingly acknowledge that a similar education in the setting St. Paul Lutheran School offers would not be available to them otherwise. The School, church and related organizations are aware of and confident in the response of numerous other candidates locally should the one obstacle of tuition be overcome.

Removing the Obstacle :
Assisting with Tuition

The Urban Christian Education Fund (UCEF) is an endowment to provide more students with the opportunity for character-shaping education. It provides financial assistance to families, whether fully or partially, that achieves the enrollment of their student into this means of a more meaningful and productive life so as to alter a generation and others to come for the better.