UCEF's Strategy for Action

The Solution :
A Return to Religious Education

The Constitution and laws of our nation provide for a better alternative. Religious schools, particularly Christian, have for generations shown themselves to be effective at imparting belief systems with linkage to positive values development. The difference is that religious systems provide a moral anchor to which character development and moral formation of the individual can attach. Christian schools have provided this anchor for two millennia.

The Difference :
Virtues Shaping Character, Anchors Securing Morality

An education in a Christian context can provide what other secular institutions lack - anchors for a value system to shape and motivate. Christianity espouses virtues from the Savior Jesus such as Faith, Hope and Love, each harmonized with the virtue of Wisdom. From this flow other virtues such as humility, temperance, chastity, honesty and boldness. Other "fruits" of the Christian faith are joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. Such anchors underlie the character of a productive citizen and provide a foundation for an effective shaping of a generation.