Urban Christian Education Fund
Proceeds Distribution Protocol

On an annual basis
  1. The Governing Committee of the Fund by January 31st of each year shall notify the Board of Education of St. Paul Lutheran Church and School, or such other body as is mutually designated as proper for notification, the amount of funding anticipated to be available for the beginning of the next school academic year.
  2. The Board shall then, as soon as is practicable, present to the Committee a Proposed Distribution Outline delineating how the funds would be distributed to provide tuition assistance for the school year to come. In doing so the Board need not provide names of recipients but shall supply the amount of tuition assistance that each student would be awarded from the Fund's proceeds either by individual listing of the amounts or by categorizing amounts. The Board shall also supply an explanation of its rationale underlying its Proposed Distribution Outline providing information in brief fashion as to why different amounts were awarded in certain types of situations as might be helpful to the Committee.
  3. The Committee shall consider the Proposed Distribution Outline within 30 days or as is otherwise promptly practicable and shall either
    1. notify the Board of its approval of the Proposed Distribution Outline or
    2. request reconsideration of the Proposed Distribution Outline providing areas of concern or inquiry for which
      1. the Board shall supply additional information that may be helpful to the Committee so as to gain approval or
      2. alter the plan as can be done to gain approval from the Committee of the Board.

Failure of the Board and Committee to agree on all aspects of the Proposed Distribution Outline shall not prevent the Committee from awarding a grant to recipients under the plan that are not in contention. The Committee and Board shall at their mutual discretion award additional assistance to student families that enroll after the approval of the Proposed Distribution Outline as additional funds may later become available for that school term.

  1. Upon enrollment of the student, the Board shall provide evidence of its informing each student/family recipient of the Fund's grant toward tuition.
  2. Upon completion of the foregoing, the Fund shall provide a grant to the St. Paul Lutheran School as agreed under the process set forth in paragraph 3. The grant should be provided to the school at least quarterly or for greater periods as long as provision is made for the return to the Fund of amounts not used toward tuition due to the termination of enrollment of a student or other occurrences altering implementation of the Proposed Distribution Outline.
  3. The Committee shall revise this Protocol at its sole discretion.

In the foregoing:
  "Fund" designates the Urban Christian Education Fund (aka "UCEF")
  "Committee" designates the Governing Committee (correct name) of the Urban Christian Education Fund.
  "Board" designates the Board of Education of St. Paul Lutheran Church and School or such other body as is mutually
designated as proper. The Board is presumed to include the consent and participation of the School Administrator/ Principal in all aspects as far as the Board's actions are concerned.

As Passed 10/27/09