UCEF'ís Vehicle for Action

St. Paul Lutheran School :
Well-Positioned To Make a Difference

The Urban Christian Education Fund has chosen a beginning vehicle to change the world, community and society at large. It provides the most accessible alternative in the geographical area of most need in Rockford, Illinois. For more than 120 years St. Paul Lutheran School has been providing a better way. It provides an island of stability in the midst of a community where, due to societal and economic decline, chaos has often gotten an upper hand in Rockford. As a result, this school provides an adequate means to achieve the most durable outcome for UCEF's objectives for shaping future generations for the better in this area of need.

Why St. Paul Lutheran School?

St. Paul Lutheran School, founded in 1888, throughout its rich history has supplied generations with Christian education that not only imparted academic knowledge but also provided connective tissue for character formation that has equipped the student for positive and lifelong contributions to society.

Through the years, this special school has benefited the community at large by:

  • Engaging students and families at Kindergarten through 8th Grade
  • Providing a quality, holistic, spiritual, academic, physical development
  • Currently maintaining the mainstays of a fine arts education through vocal and instrumental music, foreign language and visual arts education
  • Demonstrating success in bringing our culture together through a well racially integrated student body that is 55% Caucasian and 45% minority
  • Engaging not only the student but whole family in a lifestyle of raising up good citizens
  • Excelling in the integration of character & values education with academics
  • Engaging technology to be current in both equipment and instruction
  • Maintaining quality, repeatedly achieving full accreditation through the National Lutheran Schools Association and remaining compliant with all Illinois Curriculum Requirements
  • Utilizing the institutions and network of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, a system of parochial education second only to the Roman Catholic system.

A History of Accomplishment

St. Paul Lutheran School has shown itself to be a proven laboratory of success. At its height, this school enrolled 400 students a year. Generations bear witness to the quality and effectiveness of this institution in imparting an academic education in the context of a Christian moral value system that equips one for success in a pluralistic world. It has done so through an unwavering devotion to mainstream educational methods to impart substance and to orthodox Christianity to impart motivation. Currently, this school enrolls 80.